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    Guizhou Miaoyao Biological Technology Co.,Ltd

    Guizhou Miaoyao Biotech Co.,Ltd, specializing in extraction for Miaoyao materials.
    Our company was established in June,2008,with registered capital of 15 million RMB,It has built 50 acres of chinese herbal medicine extraction and biological products processing factory, both Valerian and Blumea Chinese medicinal herbs planting base are 20000 acres, 300 acres of seedling base.
    In 2015, the company has been named as the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization and poverty alleviation in Guizhou province. The GMP workshop of Chinese herbal medicine is being built, effective component research and Application Engineering Research Center of Miao herbal medicine plant is being built,too.
    Our values: be devoted, professional and grateful.
    We are committed to making the best national medicinal materials and becoming a leader in the Miaoyao herbs!
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  • Natural hepatoprotective drug - Vine Tea-Dihydromyricetin

    Antitumor effect of Dihydromyricetin Dihydromyricetin can induce tumor cell apoptosis, block the cell cycle of tumor cells, induce tumor cell autophagy and inhibit the invasion of tumor cells, thus inhibiting liver. cancer cells,breast cancer cells

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